Private computer music instruction

This program is designed to greatly enhance and accelerate their traditional keyboard progress while emphasizing music theory, chord structure, improvisation and music composition.

Students participating in this program will use state of the art Digital Audio Workstation, (DAW) to develop their own musical compositions.

This is a weekly private program which lasts approximately nine months in duration.   Each weekly session is 1/2 hour long.

Note: For students with no previous piano instruction, our traditional private keyboard instruction is a requirement to participate in this program. 

This program is designed to augment their traditional private keyboard instruction and is given in conjunction with it, making their weekly training one hour long.

We strongly believe that students who participate in this program will spend more time practicing on their own initiative.  Students will want to become better computer music composers and will quickly learn they need better fundamental skills in order make better compositions.

The students will also participate in a monthly workshop with other students taking the program.  This monthly workshop will be approximately two hours long.  They will learn a new computer music each month as a group. Each student will get an opportunity to share what they are working on with the group.  This will give everyone an opportunity to learn from each other before the program ends.

The program  culminates with each student showing off their unique music compositions at an expose’.  They will  receive a copy of their music composition in a format of their choice.  (M4A, MP3, AAC, WAV, etc.) and their music will be showcased on our website.

Parents can purchase a portable version of the technology they are using at LandFlash Music in order to work independently at home.  This is not a requirement to participate in the program, however, students will obviously progress faster being able to work with the technology at home.

We do not mark up the cost of the hardware or software but simply charge a fee for integrating  and  maintaining the technology.  This takes the complexity out of acquiring the equipment for our students.

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