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What I learned about piano practice form spending time in the Gym

Read about what Dave Sass, the co-founder of LandFlash Music learned about his piano practice hugo_newyear4_cfrom spending time in the gym after being out of shape for years.

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LandFlash Music teaches Blues and Jazz improvisation

Our instructors teach music theory as part of our regular lessons.  Music theory is the foundation to learning the piano but surprisingly, very few students every learn it.  We teach it from the start and at every lesson.  To make theory interesting we teach the Blues around “The Circle of Fifths”.   Students learn to improvise using left hand rhythms and explore what sounds best using the blues scales in each key.  This is the foundation for all modern music.  Playing the piano

Learning to play Classical music is a necessary foundation to learning to play the piano, but learning to improvise and play your own music is a unique skill and the most rewarding.  Music should become a form of self expression and not just a matter of playing other composers music.  Very few piano instructors teach students how to improvise and compose their own music.

We incorporate this as part of our weekly lessons.

Students are encouraged to improvise their own music from the music theory they are taught.  This is what keeps piano instruction interesting for our students.  As they learn music theory they also become more insightful of how music is put together.

After all, all published piano music is just someone’s own improvisation written on paper!

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Why aren’t children using computers to learn music?

The technology has been around for 30 years.  Professionals, Hobbyist and Universities are all using the technology to learn and create music.  Children all use computers today so why aren’t they using them in school to learn music?   Read the article to learn more.

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