Our Clients

What’s the right age to start keyboard instruction? 

We feel children should be around five years of age or older and beginning to read books on their own.  Children vary in their maturity at younger ages so this is somewhat subjective.

A child should be mature enoughh to pay attention to what is being taught and have a strong interest in music without being pushed by their parents.  Without maturity and interest, it will be difficult to Girl with headphonesget them to focus.  As a  parent, you will be the best judge of this.  Sometimes it’s better to wait a year or two before pushing your child into instruction too soon.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss this with us.  We want to interview both the parents and the child in order to ensure success in our programs.

We realize that having the parent’s interest and support in the program is vital to the child’s success.   Parents are invited to attend our Introduction to Computer Music Workshops for free with participating children in our programs.  We want the parents to be educated about what is being taught to their children.

Children can participate in just the traditional keyboard training or combined with our computer music program.  We can help you assess when the right time would be to start your child in the computer training program.  Some children will be better off spending more time on traditional training before starting the computer program.

What about adults? 

We believe adults can be just as successful with our programs and can learn how to play keyboards at any age, even if they have never had any previous training.      Realistically, you might not end up playing like Rachmaninoff, but 1064011_12388086we can help you achieve your individual goals.

The computer music instruction program is another great way for adults with little or no keyboard experience to get involved with music.

Many of the software programs allow adults to create and experiment with music with only basic keyboard skills.  The computer program will reinforce what you learn through traditional training while you learn music theory, chord structures, improvisation, and music composition.

Since children usually have specific schedules for private instruction, we have many time slots available to work  with adults.

A good way find out if this is for you or not would be to sign up for our free  Introduction to Computer Music Seminar which is held every month. 

If you have questions, feel free to give us a call.  We would love to hear from you.