Let’s face it  – taking piano lessons can quickly become boring

Students can be motivated http://www.dreamstime.com/-image28856363at first, but quickly lose interest.   Many never stick with it long enough to find out what they can really achieve.  Some students do stay with it and become excellent pianists, but this is the exception.   Sure you can force your child to practice through brute force, but that isn’t the best approach for a positive outcome.

Each person is motivated differently and needs a little different approach.  Our instructors have over 25 years of experience and take the time to understand each student and apply a program that makes most sense for them.  Learning any instrument is difficult.  There are no “Silver Bullets'” to learning to play an instrument quickly.   It takes the right teacher, the right methodology, practice and time.

We take the time to teach the right fundamentals including:

  • The proper piano posture
  • Proper hand technique or as we call it “curvature”
  • Learning how to read music “music notation” along with dynamics and rhythm
  • Key signatures and timing
  • Scales and chord structures based upon the “Circle of Fifths”
  • Jazz Chord notation and improvisational techniques
  • Teaching the right and wrong ways to practice

Learning to play the piano requires a positive relationship between the instructor and the student.  We take the time to get to  know you and find out what motivates you to practice.  If practice isn’t rewarding to you, you won’t stay with it.  If you don’t learn the right fundamentals upfront, you will basically be wasting your time and money.  Later on, it will become very difficult to “unlearn” the bad habits you might have picked up.

We specialize in teaching beginning students.  We believe anyone can learn to play the piano.  From children to adults, anyone can learn.

We get results by using the right approach to each individual.  We won’t take shortcuts with you but we will focus on what you want to accomplish.

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