Our Instructors

Vicky Sass

Vicky is the Co-Founder of LandFlash Music.  Vicky is a graduate from Vicky Linkedin picturethe University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.

She has been involved with teaching private keyboard instruction for over twenty years and has taught more than  40 students weekly.  Vicky specializes in teaching students with little or no past keyboard experience.

Vicky created the current private keyboard curriculum for LandFlash Music which has proven to produce fast results.  She showcases her work with yearly student recitals.  Vicky specializes in working with children as young as  three but is also interested in working with adults who have had little to no previous keyboard instruction.

Vicky developed a unique preschool program for The Little Feet Academy in Ormond Beach and Flagler Beach Montessori schools.  The program is designed to introduce preschoolers to the piano and basic music theory using a “hands-on” approach.

David Sass

David is a Co-Founder of LandFlash Music.   He is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and has over 30 years of experience as a musician and working with IMG_1166computer technology.

Dave studied classical piano under Max Balzer and Stanley Degorski, renowned concert pianists and composers from Europe.  He became interested in Jazz improvisation and played in many local groups while growing up in Chicago, including the “Rhythm Machine”, which was voted top jazz band at the prestigious Mundelein Illinois Jazz Festival.

Dave is an accomplished pianist, woodwind player and has been involved with computer based music development since it started.  He has been a  “Keynote” speaker at many large events involving computer music technology including  IBM’s Technology Vitality Lecture Series and Mayo Clinic’s Sigma Xi Lecture Series.   Dave was a consultant to the Mayo Clinic in using Musical Instrument Digital Interface, (MIDI) for repetitive hand injury studies.  He was also a contributor and wrote the foreword to a very successful McGraw Hill book on personal computing by Stan Gibilisco.

Dave arranged and performed a complete wedding ceremony by arranging Bach’s two part inventions and fugues using computers and synthesizers.  He is an active composer using the latest Digital Audio Workstation, (DAW) technologies.

Dave has many years of experience teaching piano and specializes in music theory, chord structure and improvisation.

Combined, Dave and Vicky have over 60 years of traditional and computer based music training experience.