Private keyboard instruction

Our Private keyboard instruction program is designed to teach students the fundamentals of playing the piano.  The program focuses on note reading exercises and music theory.  The goal is to get students reading music notation and playing as soon as possible.

This is a private weekly program with each lesson lasting 1/2 hour.

Students will be instructed on correct sitting posture and hand position right from the start to prevent bad habits from forming.

Theory is taught throughout the program to develop a strong understanding and foundation of music.  This includes practicing note reading, recognition of intervals, scales, music symbols and basic chord structure.

The students will progress through different levels of study while developing their technique.  At each level, the student will explore music in different ways.  Sight reading and ear training are extremely important as students develop their ability to play the piano.

Music selections used in our training range from classical to contemporary.  Eventually, a challenging piece of music will be chosen as their recital piece.  Preparing for a recital will give the student a longer range goal.  This is also an excellent measurement of their progress.

Will taking piano lessons make my child smarter? 

Many studies point to an improvement in memory, logic and general creativiity.  Students preparing for 1189423_39050244recitals also increase their confidence,  sense of self-worth and feelings of personal accomplishment.   These results will help students in many future endeavors.

This program can be taken individually or combined with our private Computer Music Instruction program.  We can help you assess when the right time is to combine this program, as it will vary from student to student.

Adults are also encouraged to sign up for this program, even if they have never had any previous keyboard training.   Adults have been very successful at learning to play keyboards at any age.

We will work with you on your individual goals and have convenient time slots that make sense for your schedule.

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